[ blog » 2019 » UK_tour ] d13, England pt. 3: Hawes to Ormskirk (by Philipp Gesang, location: Scarisbrick)


I exited the Wensleydale via the Newby Head pass to descend into the picturesque Dentdale. There I encountered a number of cyclists including some tourers. The climb of Barbondale from the village of Gawthrop was again a tough one. Leaving the Yorkshire Dales in the proper fashion.

Hills, albeit less steep and tall, remained dominant until Lancaster. The city with its central loop of cycle ways is straightforward to navigate. I easily found the hill with castle and priory on top and stopped for some sightseeing.

Passing through Preston is a more involved endeavor than Lancaster. The cycle routes at least in north south direction are not obvious to follow at times so I lost some time there without enjoying it much cause unfortunately Preston is a bit lacking from a tourist perspective.

Campsite? Unlikely.

The rest of the day was equally bleak not least due to the lack of hills. Worse, the campsite I intended to spend the night at turned out to not be a canpsite at all but some kind of "holiday park" whatever that means. I guess a big fuck you to pitchup.com is in order for leading me on like this. After a short chat one of the locals in the on site pub suggested I ask the owner of another pub close by for a pitch on his lawn. Sadly the directions I was given there didn't match up and I could not accept the offer. Well, another night at the inn it is.


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