[ blog » 2019 » UK_tour ] d22, France pt. 1: Dover to Krombeke (by Philipp Gesang, location: Dover-Calais ferry)

Crossing the Channel

Finding the way to the ferry is trivial: just follow the red line to the pier. I bought my ticket to Calais on site with one of the two companies that offer the connection. Payed for it with the last 30 GBP cash that I had left and was glad they accept Scottish money down here.


After the long winded landing in Calais I was escorted through the port area by a service car. Once I rolled out I it was striking just how much better the cycling infrastructure is compared to that of Britain. I had a well maintained, double lane bike route pretty much all the way until Belgium.

The wind was playing along today as was the sun. Dunkerque has a neat beach that was crowded with old people. Remnants of WWII are still visible everywhere on the coast.


I did my first ever sector of Belgian cobbles today near Leisele. It turned out quite the chore on the pack mule that is my bike. Also did a couple kilometers on those large slabs of concrete that resemble GDR highways. They weren't nearly as bad as you'd think. As were Belgian roads in general despite their reputation.

Staying at the campsite Stal 't Bardehof near Krombeke where it is quiet and finally dry. Also the ambient soundtrack switching from sheep to cows is a welcome change. What a way to spend the longest night of the year.


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