[ blog » 2020 » 08_Tour-Alps ]d01: Geneva to Culoz (by Philipp Gesang, location: Culoz campsite)


The train ride to Geneva was uneventful, in a good way: No delays, not even on the German leg of the route. Also this must have been the first time since spring that I did not spot any covidiots on a train. As it should be.


The train ride which took the better part of the day already gave a sample of the beautiful scenery that Switzerland has to offer. At the Lake I changed into cycling shoes and made last minute adjustments to the bike, then headed for the French border. Geneva traffic was not as bad as I remembered so I made my way to the border hills efficiently.


From those hills around Chaumont the sight of the Alps and a shining white Mont Blanc throning over them was simply spectacular. A view to die for. Or at least to endure the glaring 39 degrees heat for while climbing steep slopes.

My plan of pitching the tent at the International campsite in Seyssel turned out not to be possible as that campsite is recently closed. The owner who I met on the porch of the reception told me the rather sad story about how they intended to sell it in April only to have the buyer die of Covid-19 soon after the deal was closed.

So I ended up traveling on to Culoz right at the foot of the Colombier. I had camped here three years ago on my way in the opposite direction, though as I was told by the receptionist the facilities were vacant during the last two years after the former owners stopped operating the site. There used to be a cheese salesman who would set up shop right on the campsite and sell Reblochon and tomme style cheeses from Savoy to the guests; not anymore, sadly. Location wise the campsite is a true marvel with the limestone crag looming over it from the north. Though 25 euro per night, seriously? I mean, if you’re going to charge a Swiss grade fee, then the least you could do is supply toilet paper.


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