[ blog » 2021 ]Ride: Hohloh ( by Philipp Gesang, location: the bike shed)

First somewhat longer ride of the season! Destination: the elusive Hohlhoh in the Black Forest. On my bucket list for years, I actually attempted to climb this very mountain about a month ago but had to bail out at the bottom of the climb on account of cramps. Needless to say there was little fun aoubt the return trip of around 75 km with long, steep (10 % and more) slopes.

In any case, no cramps this time! The weather was quite pleasant compared to the rest of the month. Considering how many cyclists I met along the way it's safe to say I wasn't the only on who thought this. Taking the climbs at a slow, cramp-avoiding pace I managed to arrive at the summit at 988 m relatively fresh. The panorama from the tower up there was ok but could have been better. Lots of dust in the air that interfered with the view.

Stopping for ice cream at the gas station of a nearby village I had to roll on empty handed cause the owner refused card payment. None of my money for you, tax evader! Fortunately the gas station in Altensteig always delivers.

All things considered with 167 km a decent early season ride!


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