[ blog » 2023 ]EuroRust 2023 ( by Philipp Gesang, location: on the ICE)

To summarize EuroRust 2023 in one word: awesome!

Highlights from the schedule:

  1. Johnathan Pallant on his personal journey using Rust in embedded and how he became a mayor (not kidding).

  2. Lisa Passing’s adventures writing Rust for one of the newer, RISC-V powered ESP32 boards to implement an esoteric video game controller using a bicycle handlebar (not kidding either).

  3. Arthur Cohen lamenting his miserable life as one of the main developers behind gcc-rs (this time I wish I was kidding).

All of those are worth watching once the recordings are available.

Official program aside, what really made this the best conference I’ve been to were the people. Every single person who attended was approachable, had an idea or personal project to pitch, is working on something amazing or at least had something interesting to say; and that includes the sizable share of folks who admitted they currently don’t even work with Rust. A few conversations were outright inspiring. It would be hard to overstate the general optimism that pervades the Rust crowd. It is this spirit that made interacting with everyone who showed up in Brussels such a pleasant experience.

Kudos to the organizers too for choosing this great location and venue, and for running the whole thing so incredibly smoothly. It’s hard not to be excited already for EuroRust 2024!


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