[ blog » 2022 » 07_Tour_Norway ]d05: Honningsvåg ( by Philipp Gesang, location: The lounge of MS Vesterålen)

For the return trip to Tromsø I was fortunate to get a spot on the Hurtigruten boat MS Vesterålen, but only on Thursday which means I had a whole day to kill on Mageroya. Battered from yesterday I spent most of the day recovering in the tent. My legs and my back denied any activity that would have entailed more effort. The weather outside the tent agreed with the legs: it was raining on and off for most of the day and the wind was blowing so strongly that at one point it pushed over my bicycle so it crashed onto the tent.

Some time during late afternoon I felt rested enough to take a shot at buying some groceries in Honningsvåg, at the same time scouting the pier where the boat would leave the next day and timing the trip there so I could set my alarm appropriately. It was quite exhilarating shopping with an empty pannier for a change without having to consider the size of every item in the cart and whether it might fit in some corner of the luggage. Which resulted in a select assortment of various kinds of skyr, kesam and romme and the challenge of consuming most of that before the boat would leave in the morning.


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