[ blog » 2019 » UK_tour ] d18, England pt. 5: Wells to Salisbury (by Philipp Gesang, location: Salisbury, campsite)

Now for something unexpected: the weather stayed dry all day. Not a single drop of rain to be seen. Certainly a first for this tour.

The main destination of today was Stonehenge. On my way there I made a detour to Wincanton where I stopped at the Discworld Emporium. The owners and staff were very lovely people. While I was stydying the wonderful merchandise they shared some stories involving Sir Terry. It was a bummer I could not purchase much because of the weight and the tendency of the contents of panniers to get crushed.

Continuing my way to Salisbury I passed through the village of Broad Chalke where Terry lived.

The access to Stonehenge was not trivial. Approaching it from the south I had a busy road to cross and then ride five hundred meters on grass. At the gates a friendly security guy gave me the bad news: in order to enter the area I had to ride one and a half mile down to the visitor center to obtain a ticket, then return and leave the bicycle unattended at the entrance. No exceptions. So I reconsidered how much I wanted to get closer the stones -- not too close though as they are fenced off -- and arrived at the decision that the inconvenience would not be worth it. I have no problem with paying for the preservation of the site, but the prospect of a useless detour and risking the theft of my gear were too much.

I concluded the day with a trip around the Salisbury cathedral.


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