[ blog » 2021 » 07_Tour_Italy ]d04: Southern Sicily (by Philipp Gesang, location: A fabulous home restaurant)

The Coast

Following the SS 115 further down the coast the terrain got significantly flatter than yesterday so the first half of the day went as smoothly as it could. Even the sun played along and held back for the moment and the wind was only a light breeze from the sea. Optimal travel conditions.

The hills

A few kilometers after Gela, about half of today's distance, I left the SS 115 and rode towards the mouth of the Dirillo river whose length I then rode almost until the source. This is where the rough part of the day started: the roads got significantly worse -- my wheels really took a beating today -- and after a mostly flat morning I had to get up to around 600 m of altitude.

Worse, the sun was now throwing everything it got at me. 46.8 degrees according to my Garmin, a new record. To add insult to injury I also misjudged the effort it takes to today's destination and ended up without water around 30 to go. An eldery farmer who was watering his wines saved me from the impending death by thirst. I didn't understand anything he said so the dialogue consisted mainly of him gesticulating and me stammering, but in the end he shared his drinking water with me. Hero of the day right there.

I reached Licodia Eubea, today's destination, after just over eight hours on the road. The room that I had reserved turned out to be absolutely gorgeous, as did the meal that the hosts prepared for me. Highlight: courgettes pickled in olive oil.


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